Organic Barhi Dates – One of Nature’s Candies

August 23rd, 2013


By: Steph Fleetman – Digital Media & Marketing Specialist

It’s Organic Barhi Dates season! Get ‘em while you can because these rare, butterscotch tasting fruit are only available for a few weeks.

Organic Barhi Dates, aka “Honey Balls,” are one of a few varieties that can be enjoyed both while in their unripe, yellow state (khalal stage) or after they have ripened and turned a dark, caramel brown color (rutab stage).  While in the unripe stage, these dates have an olive-like texture and are mildly sweet with subtle astringency.  To ripen, leave the Barhis out at room temperature to soften and lose their astringency, turning into what can be described as “clouds” of creamy, smooth fruit that exude a butterscotch flavor. Once ripened, the glossy dates can be stored in the refrigerator and will last for a couple of months!

Ripened Barhis will turn a dark brown.

If you have any questions about this “natural candy,” please contact your Sales Representative!

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